How to Sew a Clean Finish Lined Waist Seam

So you've got a project with a lined bodice or a 2 layered waistband? Here's how to sew the waist seam so the the seam allowance ends up completely encapsulated. It's a little trickier this way but it creates a less bulky, more attractive seam.
  1. Take out a fabric pen. Draw a line ½” from the waist edge on the right side of your garment.
  2. Iron a fold toward the wrong side at this line. (Only iron the outer layer of fabric.)
  3. Lay your garment wrong side up. Lay your skirt on top of it right side up.
  4. Gather and sew the skirt to only the inner layer of the bodice (the lining) with a ½” seam allowance. Be sure you align the side seams and any center notches/edges.
  5. Turn it all right side out and iron this seam so that the seam allowance is pointing up.
  6. Pin the folded edge of your outer layer of fabric (main fabric) so that it just covers your sewn line.
  7. Sew it in place about ⅛” to 1/16” away from the folded edge.