How do I download my order? (for purchase made on OhMeOhMySewing.com)

As soon as your order is processed (usually a couple of minutes), you’ll receive an email with a link to download your pattern(s).

How do I download my order? (for purchase made on Etsy)

You should receive an email from Etsy with a link to download your order as soon as your order is processed (usually a couple of minutes). If you can't find your download email, you'll have to download your pattern from your "purchases" page. You can get there by looking at the top right corner of Etsy (on desktop or on the mobile site, not the app) select the little profile pic icon and then select purchases. Then just find your order and select download.

Still having trouble? Find Etsy’s guide on downloading PDFs from their website here.

Do your patterns have layers/ copy shop files/ projector files? 

Only my more recently released patterns have these features. I’m currently working on adding these features to my older patterns. For now, here are links to which patterns include which features. >

Layers + Copy Shop

Layers + Copy Shop + Projector

Where do you get your fabrics?

Blackbird fabrics, Harts Fabrics, Oak Fabrics, We are the Fabric Store, and Spoonflower are some of my favorites!

(Note that I have done collabs with Spoonflower in the past. I’ve been using their fabrics since long before we worked together so I honestly just love their fabric!)

Can I sell items made with your sewing patterns?

I love to see handmade businesses use my patterns for their work! My policy is that if you are a small handmade brand you may use my patterns to make garments and sell them as long as >

  1. You (the person who purchased the pattern) are the one sewing the garments.
  2. Oh Me Oh My is credited where your product appears online.

Mass production using Oh Me Oh My patterns is prohibited.

Do you have any videos?

I don’t have any video tutorials at this time. I may be giving videos a try in the near(ish) future. It’s not really within my skill set but we’ll see how it goes! When it happens I’ll be sure to announce it on my social media + newsletter.