How to Download a PDF off Etsy on your Phone

1. Navigate to Etsy from a browser (chrome, safari, edge etc.) and sign in.

Be very wary if you have the Etsy App installed. You can't download from the app. You will get an error. The most common reason people have trouble downloading pdfs on Etsy is that they accidentally end up on the app. Sometimes the settings on your phone will get set so that it automatically opens the app when you click an Etsy link from your email or browser. You'll either need to change your settings or delete the app.

2. Go to your purchases page by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner of Etsy and then selecting "Purchases".

3. Find your order and select it.

4. Select "Download Files" in the upper right corner.

If you don't see this option it's because you're on the Etsy app. Consider deleting the app and trying again. (I know it sucks but until Etsy fixes this problem this is probably this is the easiest way. Otherwise you can try messing with your app settings or downloading on a different device.)


It's that simple! Hope this little guide was helpful to you!

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